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    WELCOME Hello All, Welcome to our wedding website! Thank you so much for visiting! This is the place you’ll find every piece of information you will need regarding our wedding celebration. We are so excited to be spending this special time with friends and family we hold so dear to our hearts. Our wedding will be taking place in a small beautiful hometown in Tasikmalaya, West Java Indonesia . We have both always loved the city views and couldn't think of a better place to celebrate this special occasion. So mark your calendars because we would love for you to come celebrate with us! Ibnu and I can't wait for this wonderful day and we hope you will join us in each step we take as we come closer to our big day. Let the celebration begin!
  • Long Distance Relationship is just the way to see how far love can travel. Skype+Twitter+Path+Instagram+Whassap+Line+Phone Call+sms = Us!

    Our Story

    Have you ever thought that someone who u least expected to be the one is someone that finnaly be yours? That happen to our story, When on of my friend which is his friend too, introducing us in the one and only mall in Banjarmasin. I never expected or thinkking even in a glance that He is the one whose I’m gonna spent my life with. I remember I’m wearing the the stripes red shirt that my father gave me with black jeans and went to this mall restaurant with 4 of my male friends, then suddenly my friend texted me to meet up and he said he’s with one of his male friend too. Short story goes, that just it. Now I believe that universe has some mysterious way that called Destiny, we dont know how it works, we cant predict what will happen, when God wanted Someone to live together in the name of marriage, believe me it will work by itself and we didnt realize and it will happend more that we expected. We dont believe at Long Distance Relationship at the first, well...both of us had a bad experience with the sacred name of Long Distance Relationship in the past. But..u know the feeling when u find the one and it just fells right? There are several answer for that question it is Yes or Nope..or hmmm..might be. But hey..dont worry for you who still say Nope for the answer because In the right time with the right person, you eventually will. It sounds classic but Time will heal and answer everything as long as you dont give up with your faith. Long Distance Relationship nowadays is not that hard you know.Communication for example, now u can do skype, twittr,path, instagram, whassap, Line etc. Name it download it and voilaaa...Distance? There a lotta Low Cost Carrier Flight to go with. Quality time? Sure do!. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the rich adventure of long distance relationship, as long as couples commited each other plus a good communication and understanding, then you’ll come as a winner and became a living proof to the world as a happy survivor from Long Distance Relationship. 
  • Our Wedding Event.

    Dresscode : Purple! There are a lot of question asking why our wedding take a place in Tasikmalaya, instead of Bandung and Jakarta. Hmmm..what can I say, its the decisions that comes out from our big family meeting. So it’s important for us create an event that supported by whole family members, It can be your weekend gateaway too. Tasik is well known for its great cullinary to explore and its also famous for its handicrafts, especially batik-printed silk, paper umbrellas, and hand-woven handbags. Household items ranging from bamboo goods to traditional footwear and apparel are also produced here and exported throughout the country and beyond.
    Saturday, July 06, 2013 | 10:00 a.m. Bridal Shower / Siraman The Bride’s house Jln. Cidoyang No. 11 Panumbangan Ciamis, West Java 46263
    Sunday, July 07, 2013 | 8.30 a.m. Our Wedding Ceremony / Akad Nikah CHRYSANT ROOFTOP LOUNGE Santika Hotel Tasikmalaya Jln. Yudhanegara No.57 Tasikmalaya West Java
    Sunday, July 07, 2013 | 11.00 p.m. Our Wedding Reception Raflesia Ballroom Santika Hotel Jln. Yudhanegara No.57 Tasikmalaya West Java
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